Behind the Success of Formula Development

We make formula development easy based on our strong R&D strength.

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    R&D Team with 10+ Years of Average Experience

    DJM’s versatile R&D team are competent for helping develop marketable skincare products with various ingredients, colors, and fragrances. Our R&D's mission is to provide health and skincare solutions that arrive at your expectations.

    As such, we constantly update our scent and formula developments to reach the standards of your end users.

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    State-of-the-Art Lab

    Since DJM is an innovative and technique-driven cosmetic manufacturer, we have established a professional cosmetics laboratory to meet the development and testing of all formulations.

    Following the GMP standards for R&D and validation processes, our well-organized lab ensures that you can get an accurate and tested formulation in a short lead time.

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    Stay in Sync with the Market

    Our team of researchers formulate careful market analysis to assist in product development. We study the trends and regulations of the international raw material market to determine our formulation development.

    Rely on our quality studies to increase vitality of your brand and target more end users.

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    Familiar with Global Regulations

    In consideration of sales positioning and brand planning, we comply with domestic and local market laws, regulations, and costs.

    We keep studying pain points and global regulations of skincare solutions from international exhibitions and trade journals. Our understanding of rules helps us reduce overall expenses and delays in product development.


Professional Testing to Guarantee the Availability and Stability

Product development is made much safer for your end users through a series of examinations that identify any contaminants or defects in our products.

We conduct a variety of tests, such as:

  • • Microbiological inspection
  • • Sanitary chemical inspection
  • • pH test
  • • Stability test for Heat and cold stability test
  • • Viscosity test
  • • Centrifuge test

Private Formulas for Your Brand

Separate your skincare products from the masses with our attentively developed formulas.

OEM Projects

Working closely with our R&D team you will have the ability to define ingredients and efficacy of your skin care solutions. Our R&D team can help modify the formula you gave or develop a new product from scratch for your brand.

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ODM Projects

With more than 20 years of cosmetics development and sales experience, we own more than 8000 existing formulas for you to choose from. Select skin care products that fit your brand's functional positioning and budget.

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Select or Design Exclusive Skin Care Products to Enhance Your Brand.

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