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DJM facial cleanser solution can eliminate most of the grease on the oil while locking in the moisture to prevent dry skin, pimples, and redness.

As one of the leading facial cleanser manufacturers, we offer an extensive ODM/OEM service to meet your customers’ requirements. With more than 8,000 different formulas under our teams’ belt, we are capable of developing the right facial cleanser formula to address your needs. For OEM clients, our team can also develop your own custom formula and ensure they comply with CFDA and GMP standards.

We can be your facial cleanser supplier that can elevate your brand with our high-end skin care products. Ask for a sample today!

What Makes DJM Your Reliable Facial Cleanser Supplier?

Private Label Services Help Build Your Brand

Incorporating our private label service to your business lets you establish a strong brand. Our experienced team assists you in designing a custom packaging that connects with your target audience.

DJM private label solution and facial cleanser packaging can elevate your skin care brand and attract potential buyers to your business.

Mass Manufacturing in Our GMP-Certified Factory

We utilize a strict QC process that involves sourcing our raw materials from certified suppliers and use qualified equipment during production. The process ensures that our facial cleanser complies with our GMP certification on consumer safety.

You can achieve a fast product turnaround with our GMP-certified production plant that can produce 6 million facial cleansers within a month.

Affordable Prices

DJM staff has extensive knowledge and experience with manufacturing facial cleansers as well as a variety of materials. Our expertise allows us to develop the right facial cleanser formula with expected efficacy while staying within your budget.

Making us your partner lets you satisfy your target demographics’ demand and drive profit margins.


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