Our Lab

R&D team in the lab

Work for Each Formula and Brand

Established in 1997, our lab has successfully launched more than 8000 formulas and guaranteed high quality over its 20-year production.

Our team will continue to innovate for global cosmetics brands to meet market trends and quality requirements. Your skincare solutions with preferred efficacy, fragrance, and colors will be created from here.

Our Commitment to
the Safety of Skincare Products

Guaranteed quality and safe use are the first priorities of our laboratory.

  • A researcher is conducting testing carefully

    Reliable Formulation Research

    Our researchers have a thorough understanding of thousands of ingredients, chemistry, microbiology, and endocrinology. They are competent in using safe and low-sensitivity raw materials to make the formula you desire.

  • A researcher is checking the microbial test results

    Ideal Shelf Life

    Since our products contain valuable natural ingredients, we need to add preservatives to ensure the stability of formulas. Our chemists will conduct rigorous microbiological testing to determine the optimal preservative dose balancing the lifespan and safety of products.

  • R&D team is conducting compatibility testing

    Compatible Packaging

    The required compatibility tests in our lab will help our team select the correct packaging material for your skincare products. In this way, we can avoid that contents have unwanted chemical reactions with packaging materials, which will decrease customer satisfaction.

  • Send skin care product sample to the lab for quality testing

    Qualified Finished Products

    Efficiency and standardization are the primary concerns on the production line. Quality is guaranteed by the well-equipped lab and expert QA team. Our QC team tests each batch of finished products against a myriad of standards to guarantee consistent quality.

Experts in Our Lab

It is our earnest and diligent experts who continuously promote the development of our R&D and production.

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    Leon Wong/Project Manager

    13years project management experience .More than 10 years experience in CPG Operations and Beauty, FMCG industries.

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    Ben Chan/R&D Manager

    27 years experience skin care ODM and OEM industry manufacturing. Strong skill in R&D formula.

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    Sarah Su /Product Designer

    Strong sense of fashion, color and trends. tactile and shade evaluation of face and complexion cosmetics.

Take a Tour on Our Lab

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    Electrical Conductivity Test

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    Color Formulating

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    Temperature Test

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