Essential Oil

Essential Oil Solutions for Skin Care

DJM rich selection of essential oil solutions can address many needs such as preventing dry skin, treat irritations, and remove wrinkles.

We are one of the GMP-certified essential oil suppliers equipped with qualified machinery. Our plant creates essential oils that comply with global industry standards on consumer safety. As a trusted essential oil manufacturer with an experienced R&D team, we can also develop a solution that meets specific efficacy demands while staying within a reasonable price range.

Our certified factory and expertise will help your skin care brand stand out in the market. Inquire about our private label service today!

What Makes DJM Your Reliable Essential Oil Manufacturer?

20+ Years of Experience in Developing Healthy Skin Care

We are an established skin care manufacturer since 1997 and have a solid reputation over the efficacy of our essential oil. Our experience in formula development and our vision of healthy skin care enables us to provide products that are marketable among many demographics.

You can create a strong impression among your potential customers with our collective experience and knowledge in developing high-grade essential oils.

Quality Materials from Selected Suppliers

When choosing our suppliers, we use a ranking system to score them based on their pricing, material quality, delivery distance, and delivery time. We can easily choose the appropriate supplier that meets your standards and price expectations through our ranking system.

Our selective process ensures our essential oils are consistent with its quality and help you achieve a fast turnaround.

Private Label Services

Efficient marketing campaigns are possible through our OEM/ODM services on essential oils. We have an experienced team that provides custom formula, packaging design, logo design, and other useful marketing support services. Our experience helps you know what messaging connects with your target audience.

With our private label services, you can establish a large consumer base within your target market.


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