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DJM bulk sheet masks can deeply clean most dirt, impurities, oil, and leftover makeup from the users’ face right down to the pores. Our wholesale facial masks can also improve blood flow to make the skin soft and smooth.

As one of many reliable sheet mask makers, our 100,000 level ISO compliant cleanrooms and workshops are well equipped to produce six million sheet masks per month. We even have a dedicated quality team in our facial mask factory that ensures our product meets your customers’ expectations. We also have a quick delivery time of 13 days from receipt of your orders to shipping out the items.

With a short lead-time on large volume orders of quality facial mask, you can make a strong impression among your potential buyers. Inquire about our wholesale sheet masks today!


What Makes DJM Your Reliable Sheet Masks Factory?

Formula Development to Meet Your Market Needs

With more than 10 years of working in the skin care industry, we provide a comprehensive ODM service where our team will develop a facial mask formula that meets your customers’ demands. We can also produce your OEM formulas according to your budget and efficacy requirements.

DJM can develop marketable sheet masks that satisfy your target demographics’ demand.

Custom Packaging to Build Your Brand

Spreading awareness of your skincare brand requires a logo and packaging that leaves behind a strong impression among your target audience. We have an effective private label program where our staff can mold your branding image and message through our custom packaging and logo design.

Our custom packaging solution for your sheet masks can drive your skincare brand.

Consistent Quality

Earning your customers’ trust comes down to the cleansing, rejuvenating, and hydrating efficacy of any facial mask they purchase through your business. To meet your buyers’ expectations on performance and quality, we conduct several inspections and tests on our sheet masks as part of our QC management process.

By being consistent with the high-end efficacy or our facial mask, we help you create a solid and large consumer base for your business.


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