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Over 20 Years in Skin Care Branding Support

With more than 20 years of hands-on experience, DJM provides advanced skin care products and highly feasible marketing support with the help of our private label branding program.

It is our mission to help you strengthen your brands by understanding your goals and vision. This program will allow your product line to be unique from the rest and can increase your brand reputation. Get a hold of our services today.

Private Label Services to Boost Your Skincare Brand

DJM’s one-stop customization services make your product line hard to replicate while attracting a wider audience.

Researcher is studying the colors of skin care products in the lab

Formula Development

We constantly update ODM formulas every month to ensure that we keep up with the demands of the global skincare market. With our R&D experience, we are capable of finding the exact ingredients needed for custom-made formulas that suit different skin types and OEM needs.

The design team is discussing the color makeup packaging scheme with computers and drafts

Custom Packaging

We help design and source the packaging according to your ideas and compatibility between skincare formulas and packaging. You can offer your own finished packaging for the final assembly or rely on our fast-delivery packaging material suppliers. Transmit your brand’s message in every package with our hassle-free services.

The design team is checking packaging and custom label

Label Design

Our team is capable of providing multiple versions of your labels for you to review and respond to. We have a streamlined creative process that helps customize the design of your label quickly. Offer your design preferences and ideas and we will provide our output as soon as possible.

Our team is discussing marketing plans

Marketing Training

We provide you with additional support through our expert-led marketing training that can improve your brand’s appeal to the market. Through legitimate marketing discourse and branding positioning, our team will help you work out the selling points of your products that should be brought to your audiences.

Our team is preparing documents to send to the third party for certification

Third-Party Certification

To help guarantee the support of your audience, we bring in a third-party agency to conduct inspections of our products. Through our service in helping prepare technical documents and assistance for certification, we can help you obtain third-party certification that guarantees your brand’s quality to your market.

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Customization Services for Your Skin Care Business

Get innovative packaging & labels to pay into your skin care brand value and create a superior customer experience.

  • Follow Your Drafts

    You can rely on our OEM services to get the formulas and packaging done from scratch under your own brand style and requirement. We are able to easily imitate various fragrances that address many skin care concerns.

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  • Create a New Design

    We move forward with the current skincare trends and provide marketable off-the-shelf formulas for your ODM orders. Our talented design team will help customize your private label and packaging to reach your market preference.

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Select or Design Exclusive Skin Care Products to Enhance Your Brand.

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