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Our extensive range of products with more than 8,000 developed formulas and endless custom possibilities are ready to react to any skin care need.

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our factory-produced handmade soaps. Indulge in unique, high-quality bars crafted by skilled artisans, elevating your bathing routine to new heights.

Our Capabilities

DJM's superior competence and experience allow us to provide the right solution for any OEM or ODM orders.

  • Our R&D staff is developing skin care formulas
  • Our researchers are discussing skin care materials trends
  • Our designers are discussing packaging designs
  • Our worker is operating the emulsifying machine

Create a Safe and Affordable Formula

Whether developing our own formulas or reproducing yours, we firmly believe that only safe materials can help you win loyal customers. Our R&D team uses natural ingredients within your budget to create your desired efficacy, colors, and fragrances.

Our R&D staff is developing skin care formulas

Transform Small Ideas into Successful Products

Our team always insists on studying the global cosmetics market needs, materials, and regulations to keep up with the rapid evolution of the market. Considering your ideas, we have the confidence to create a trend-setting skin care solution.

Our researchers are discussing skin care materials trends

Make Your Skin Care Brand Stand out

With expertise from both aesthetic and industry backgrounds, our team will help turn your concept into an eye-catching design. Get a packaging solution that highlights selling points within the allowable range of cosmetics policies to widen your customer base.

Our designers are discussing packaging designs

Deliver You Products with Stable Supply

We establish a strong material supply chain, invest in full equipment and employ skilled workers to guarantee rapid production for orders on any scale. By adhering to all GMP and ISO standards during production, we're proud of fast delivery without sacrificing quality.

Our worker is operating the emulsifying machine

Start Your OEM & ODM in Easy 5 Steps

With our 20+ years of experience in the skin care industry, we are able to help your project quickly and accurately.

Our marketing staff is handling consultation and recording customer's needs


Free Consultation

To get the best cosmetic products in the market, we learn from your experiences with your customer base and identify the pain points of the industry.

Consult with us not limited to your desired efficacy and budget. We will reply to you within 12 hours.

It's In Everything We Do.

Over the past 20 years, we have continuously improved our quality system to ensure that our products can meet the latest standards of CFDA and your local market.

Our quality management covers every step and detail:

  • • GMP compliant factory and operation
  • • Branded materials from our reliable supplier network
  • • Meticulous QC team in charge of daily monitoring
  • • Strict hygiene standards for workers
  • • Well-equipped lab for testing
  • • Periodic equipment checks
  • • Product traceability system

Benefits from Partnering with Us

At DJM, our goal is to help grow your brand with our advantages.

Fast delivery

Short Lead Time

With a capacity of 6,000,000 pieces per month, we can provide you with a fast turnaround time.

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Competitive cost

Cost-Effective Prices

Skin care brands in many countries can reduce their cost of imports thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Flexible MOQ

Our negotiable MOQ is as low as 50 pieces if you can provide the packing materials yourself.

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Technical support

Documents Support

We assist in organizing the necessary documentation for your quality certification.


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DJM is one of the most impressive manufacture we’ve come across

Lindsay Kolowich/Product Manager

p01 s09 img04

We are pleased to certify a company DJM as a word of appreciation towards business world. We gave you job work for some of our products. You have completed each and every job with quality and commitment and up to the full satisfaction of us. We have been connected with each other since a decade. We would like to express our company for the prompt and satisfactory pre & post services provided by you from time to time. We have pointed your company’s growth from a brand new business to a thriving concern.

Mango Wong/Purchase Manager

p01 s09 img03

DJM Cosmetics have been doing contract manufacturing for our brand since last 4 years. The dedication of staff and management team at DJM has always exceeded our expectations. Team DJM has repeatedly proven themselves as a reliable company for consistency and quality. Looking forward to continue working with DJM as our most preferred vendor.

Margot Whitney /Purchase Director

p01 s09 img01

We are happy to certify a company DJM Cosmetics as our reliable contract manufacturer of various man’s grooming products . Being a start-up company, We were concerned to have a reliable and quality conscious manufacturer of man’s grooming products. And today we proudly announce that our decision to choose DJM Cosmetics as a manufacturer of our products was 100% correct. We are fully satisfied with the efforts of the team DJM that they have put behind the development & manufacturing of our products. Team DJM has helped us at every step whether it’s formula & packaging development, artwork & creatives development, delivery schedule, quality of products and post production services.

Leon /Purchase Manager


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