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DJM essence solutions is a strong formula that improves the skins’ regeneration capabilities. Our anti-aging serum solution is effective against wrinkles, lines, and uneven skin tones.

With our advanced equipment and skillful essence maker team, we can produce six million bottles worth of essence a month. DJM serum factory also conducts thorough inspections on raw materials and production processes as well as tests on the condition of our essence. Our strict QC management system ensures that we comply with EU GMP, China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), and other food & drug safety standards.

We are a trusted serum manufacturer that can give you the competitive edge you need in the skin care market. Take advantage of our essence wholesale today!

What Makes DJM Your Reliable Serum Factory?

Formula Development to Meet Your Market Needs

Our R&D staff is focused on creating formulas that satisfy nearly all consumers’ preferences and budget to create a marketable skin care product for your target demographic.

With our experience with international laws and regulations, we can provide a formula that meets with Chinese export and local import requirements. Our experience can help you tap into different regional markets.

Small MOQ Requirement

At DJM, we have an approachable MOQ requirement of only 10 kilograms of essence per order if you provide packaging materials. While we require a higher minimum number of units if the order includes custom packaging, the amount is very reasonable than other competitors.

With our small MOQ policy, you can test out specific markets without experiencing any stock pressure.

Well-Managed Material Supply Network

We have a dedicated raw material procurement department that utilizes a rating system for our raw material suppliers. We rate our suppliers base on their pricing, material quality, delivery distance, and delivery time.

With DJM’s efficient material procurement method, we can create quality essence products and encourage fast product turnaround for your business.


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