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Skin Care Solutions
for OEM & ODM Projects

DJM provides a rich selection of wholesale skin care products for improving complexions. We are one of the skincare products manufacturers that use qualified safe ingredients.

We are a skin care products manufacturer that offers OEM formulas through our fully equipped R&D department to help you attract your target demographics. With our GMP compliant skincare products factory, we are consistent with the quality and efficacy of your orders.

Our ODM service on affordable solutions can give you a competitive edge in your target markets than other skin care manufacturers. Get your free skin care contract manufacturing quote!

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Building on Our Expertise in Formulation and Sensory Evaluation

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and performing numerous professional tests, we have extensive knowledge of various raw materials and scent development.

DJM staff is capable of creating full sensory profiles from various ingredients to create skincare products that can influence the buying habit of potential customers.

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Guaranteed Quality

Quality among skincare and cosmetic companies is an important factor in gaining your customers’ trust and building your brand.

To ensure the efficiency and safety of your skincare products, we perform several inspections throughout the production period. Our team checks on the pH value, microbiological testing, and other factors to guarantee our products comply with China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and other global certifications.

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Marketing Support & Services

Successful marketing campaigns of skincare or cosmetic brands can drive your sales figure and quick product turnarounds.

DJM can provide extensive support for your campaign through our private label programs such as product consultation and custom packaging. Our professional team will help you create your brand identity with our skin care items to create a strong impression among your target demographic.


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