Quality Management

Compliance and Ethical Quality Management

Our quality management consistently follows good manufacturing practices (GMP) for cosmetics that complies with European Union certification and ISO 9001: 2000.

We follow professional procedures in quality tests and never test our products on animals for ethical standards. Every step we take in our quality management helps ensure that all products we deliver are of high quality and safe to use.

Maintain the Hygienic Production

Hygiene throughout production defines product quality and ensures the safety of your end users.

  • Asepsis Workshop
  • Indoor Environment Control
  • Dust-Free Clothing
  • Strict Personal Hygiene
  • Packaging Materials Disinfection
  • Daily Sanitization
Our clean emulsifying room

Asepsis Workshop

In ensuring the cleanliness of our plant, we design the workshop in a way that minimizes contamination during the production process. We check for bacteria and mold around the area and keep disinfected and sterilized materials away from non-sterile areas.

Ventilation system and temperature and humidity meter in the skin care standing room

Indoor Environment Control

Control within the environment of the manufacturing site and warehouse is needed to avoid spoilage of materials and contents. We use a computer automated control system to adjust the indoor air circulation, humidity, and temperature.

A worker is wearing dust proof clothing and a mask

Dust-Free Clothing

Dust can contaminate work environments and our various skin and health care products. All of our employees wear dust-free clothes, shoes, and hats that we provide in order to avoid having dust seep through our skin care products.

A worker is washing hands

Strict Personal Hygiene

Our team observes strict protocols for hygiene that guarantee the safety of our skincare products being produced. Disinfecting hands before entering our workshop and wearing clean clothing are necessary measures to ensure that we maintain our brand’s quality.

A worker is opening the disinfection cabinet and taking out the sterilized bottles

Packaging Materials Disinfection

We have separated rooms and disinfecting cabinet to process the packaging materials, keeping disinfected materials away from non-sterile areas. This way, we prevent contamination on all our products when we finish making them.

A worker is cleaning filling machines

Daily Sanitization

After the daily production, our QC staff will clean and disinfect the workshop, instruments, and machines. All utensils in contact with the material must be re-sterilized before production. We assure that everyday production is always sanitary.

QC, from the Beginning to the End

Quality control helps us produce with careful consideration to health and safety.

  • Raw materials sampling

    Materials Testing

    In addition to requiring raw material suppliers to provide COA reports, we also conduct in-house spot checks to determine the quality of our raw materials. We comply with scientific extraction proportions and testing methods to ensure the reliability of raw materials.

  • Spot checking the net filling content during production

    Inspection During Production

    Our QC staff will spot check the net content of the product every 30 minutes to ensure filling precision. Removing any contaminations before we finish production helps in ensuring your end users’ safety and that our skincare products comply with quality standards.

  • Checking finished skin care products in the warehouse

    Final Quality Check

    We conduct third-party quality inspections after mass production to ensure all products we produce are compliant to quality standards. Our QC team will conduct microbial and chemical tests to check the product quality for each batch.

Regular Equipment Inspection

We guarantee the hygiene of all of our equipment and to maintain the quality of our production.

  • A worker is assisting third party staff in inspection of emulsifying machines

    Emulsifying Machines

    The emulsifying equipment is tested by a third party annually so that they keep high-performance for stirring contents more uniform. We assure the equipment is sanitary by daily cleaning.

  • A worker is checking water purification devices

    Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

    Working for water treatment, we regularly backwash all of our water purification devices to ensure that they maintain their long service life and validity in producing pure water.

  • QC staff is checking filling machines

    Filling Machines

    Our automatic filling machines are used to fill lotion and liquid contents into sterilized cosmetic containers Cleaning these machines prevents any form of contamination from leaking into our skincare products.

  • A worker is cleaning ink jet printer

    Ink Jet Printer

    We regularly clean and maintain our printers, remove excess ink from nozzles and sanitize the print head to ensure the precise printing of production date and bar code.

  • QC staff is checking sterilizing equipment


    Since sterilizers are necessary in cleaning packaging materials, we check sterilizing equipment regularly to ensure that the disinfection is carried out effectively.

  • QC staff is checking packaging machines

    Sealing Machines

    Cleaning our sealing machines with alkaline detergents removes any contaminants and guarantee the longevity, performance, and speed.

Traceability System

Having an effective traceability system in place makes it easier to locate defective or unsafe cosmetics.

All skincare products produced from DJM are traceable throughout all the lifecycle through the batch and traceability management.

In the competitive cosmetics industry, working with us makes sure you can sell safe products and improve your consumer confidence.

QC personnel are checking the batch traceability mark

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