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DJM’s diverse personal care products are efficient hygiene solutions for nearly any user. Our products are also well within the price range of most consumers.

We have a selective process on raw material suppliers to ensure our personal care contract manufacturing items are within your budget. DJM is also one of the GMP certified personal care manufacturers that utilize qualified equipment and skillful workers. We are capable of developing items that comply with EU and other global standards on quality.

Our personal care products wholesale order helps you build your brand and increase profit margins. Contact our sales team today!

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Wide Selection of Personal Care Products

We have an R&D department that developed more than 8,000 series of personal care formulas for ODM clients and can create custom formulas for OEM clients.

The experience we accumulated throughout the years enabled us to create a diverse line of shampoo, shower gel, hair condition, and bath bombs to satisfy different tastes.

Our extensive selection of personal care products can help you tap into different target markets.

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Tailored Packaging to Strengthen Your Brand

Having an attention-grabbing package can increase brand awareness for your personal care business.

We offer a complete private label plan that consists of experienced designers, extensive packaging options, and assembly services to create an effective and captivating promotion.

Our custom solution is capable of elevating your brand to new heights.

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ISO Class 5 Cleanroom for Manufacturing

Complying with strict standards on quality and hygiene for personal care items require an ISO Class 5 cleanroom in our factory. Our cleanroom prevents contaminants from affecting the integrity and stability by only having at most 100,000 particles 0.1 µm or larger permitted per m³ in the space.

You can earn customer trust and expect a solid consumer base with our personal care products that comply with strict GMP and ISO standards.


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